Onsite Testing

Samples are taken from the walls and ceilings every third floor and from different locations within the communal areas. On site tests include adhesion checks, blister temperatures, levels of graffiti and openness of communal areas.


The second set of results and final report is from laboratory findings of the microscopic examination of the specimens taken. Hubdean's Research and Development Department undertake this analysis.


The conclusions drawn from the results will indicate the level of flammability of the wall and ceiling coatings and illustrate whether they conform to Class 0.


Hubdean Specialist Coatings have been supplying fire retardant coatings for upgrading multiple layers for many years. We were instrumental in making the case for analysis of multi-layer coatings prior to redecoration, and the case for proper testing of coatings for use over multi-layer coatings, at a time when such views were not widely accepted.

It is thanks to this work, carried out by our founder Patrick Rawlins in conjunction with Warrington Fire Research, that the importance of coatings analysis, and realistic testing of coatings for use in internal communal areas has come to be accepted.

Consequently we have many years experience of such analysis, in fact we have developed many of the tests. Additionally we have a fully equipped laboratory in which to carry out analysis, and highly trained staff to carry out the analysis.