Specialist Solutions Overview

Research & Development

Hubdean are actively working on Research & Development projects including new types of paint with specific focus on limiting the impact on the environment without comprising on product performance and working towards new legislation including 2010 compliancy.

Education & Training

To maintain and develop our competitive market position, Hubdean's Research & Development lab is equipped with the latest in technology. To maintain our expertise within Hubdean - employees actively participate in training and development to update their knowledge in areas such as paint technology, management skills and customer relations.

Analytical Research

The analysis of paint components before, during and after production plays an important role in the formulation of a successful coating. In the R&D facilities Hubdean has a modern, fully equipped analytical laboratory which is able to perform analysis at all stages of paint formulation:

  • Raw material control
  • Paint formulation
  • Paint Production
  • Environmental Issues
  • Trouble Shooting

The analytical laboratory is equipped with advanced, up to date analytical instrumentation which allows:

  • Control and characterisation of the basic ingredients to a paint (raw materials).
  • Characterisation and identification of materials in wet and dry paint.

The advanced chemical analysis techniques have contributed to Hubdean's profound knowledge of the chemistry of the raw materials and their interactions in a wet and dry paint form. This is an essential part of the developmental process in the formulation of paints with improved properties.

Paint Technology

At the heart of Hubdean's research & development success are various areas of expertise. They range from coating systems for fire protection, Fire Upgrade Coatings, Fire retardant range, anti graffiti range, paints and glazes, sacrificial wax treatments, internal & external coatings including the incorporation of designs offering practical solutions or a dramatic decorative improvement.

Hubdean Specialist Coatings provides a full specification writing service. We apply our technical expertise to ensure that our clients receive the correct coating for every surface. Our consultants and client support staff are always available to ensure that our client receive a full and professional service, making optimum use of maintenance and capital budgets.

Hubdean's strength in paint technology includes:

Hubdean: Coatings analysis

      Hubdean Specialist Coatings provide a dedicated analysis service to assist our customers in the correct specification of internal coatings. It has long been understood that the potential flammability of existing coatings depends upon the type of previously applied paint and its condition. Once the condition of any existing coating has been assessed the specifier will immediately be in a stronger position to most effectively deploy maintenance budgets.

Hubdean Fire Protection: Designed to PROTECT

      Since the Kings Cross fire highlighted the fire risk of multilayer coatings, specifiers have chosen coatings for application over flammable multilayer paint surfaces in high rise blocks on the basis of their performance in two British Standard tests, BS 476 Parts 6 and 7 when tested over the
      "Warrington Blue Board".
      Only coatings that achieve a Class result have been specified.
      BS 476 Part 6 is a test of heat release, in simple terms how much fuel the coating will add to the fire, and BS476 Part 7, a test of the ability of a coating to resist the spread of flame.
      Following Kings Cross there was growing recognition that multiple paint layers were potentially a significant contributor to flame spread, and performance over a non-combustible substrate was not a guide to performance over multiple paint layers. In order to address this, Warrington Fire Research Ltd, in cooperation with the founder of Hubdean Ltd, Patrick Rawlins, developed a simulation of the multilayer situation which has become known as the Warrington Blue Board. Since most of the surfaces to be over painted were multilayer, it was sensible to test over something similarly challenging, and industry and specifiers alike readily accepted the logic of this change.
      Hubdean has led the way in communal fire protection. Hubdean's Agproshield & PremierSheildPLUS Class 0 Fire Protective Anti Graffiti systems for communal areas were developed in response to the flammability problems encountered on previously painted surfaces in communal public housing and where there is a need for public safety.
      Hubdean systems have demonstrated the ability to upgrade the industry standard flame spread test and have been involved in numerous real life fires where it has maintained zero spread of flame (Upgrades Warrington Class 4 board to Class 0 and 1 where required).
      Hubdean have case studies whereby the Agproshield system has been applied some 20 years ago and have stood the test of time showing its superior quality in durability and performance.

Excellent Anti Graffiti finish

      Roller applied smooth or patterned finishes. Free Graffiti Removal / maintenance service for 12/24 months follow all applications undertaken directly by Hubdean Contracting Ltd.
      Certification Re-coat system available - therefore further enhancing and maintaining the existing Hubdean Class 0 Fire Protective & Anti Graffiti system without the need of a further costly full Class 0 System. Important Note; Only Hubdean Re-coating system/s can fully "certify" to maintain the existing Class 0 & combined Anti Graffiti properties of the Hubdean system already applied to surface areas - therefore giving an extended cost reduced life cycle at the point of redecoration.

Hubdean Graffiti Protection

      It is essential that any coating intended for use in public areas be durable and able to stand the rigors of daily use. In addition many public areas are subject to continued graffiti assult. The importance of an anti graffiti coating should not be overlooked. Hubdean coatings have been designed to maintain an attractive appearance for the duration of their life cycle.
    • 100% Graffiti Removal
    • Free Graffiti Maintenance Service
    • Highly durable - "certificated" extend life cycles
    • Simple continued maintenance
    • Training available for maintenance staff
    • Professional 24hr support service
    • Ideal for use in High rise communal areas, low rise staircases, sheltered accommodation, schools, entrance foyers, hospitals and public buildings.

Paints & Glazes

    Hubdean can offer a wide range of additional painting & general decorating services - working to NHF Schedule of Rates to ensure the complete satisfaction to the painting & decorating needs of our clients. With the added benefit of incorporating the ability to attend to all texture / substrate repairs to match existing and to accommodate repairs necessary due to signage removal, door system changes, framework, pipework/conduit changes & dampness/leakages.

Hubdean Practical Solutions

Projects may require protection from vandalism or a dramatic decorative improvement. In either case, Hubdean Specialist Coatings provide a range of decorative finishes to meet the specifiers bespoke needs including consultation with communities, residents and special needs projects. Technical consultants are available to discuss and advise on the correct application of materials on a site specific basis.

  • Housing Estates
  • Walkways
  • Shopping Centres
  • Car Parks
  • Underpasses

Design Services

Hubdean graphics transform public places into areas of unique design and interest. Hubdean Technical Consultants and Client Support staff are also available to discuss the most appropriate use of texture and colour for any project. Hubdean utilise the BS4800 range and many others colours including blending of colours to transform problem surfaces into bright, pleasant and maintainable areas.

Our Graphic Design Service allows our clients to take an original and fresh approach to refurbishment schemes. Graphics may be used to suit any theme. House styles may be incorporated into larger schemes or historic events recalled in traditional or abstract form. Hubdean directional and sign designs are commonly used in large buildings for ease of access and location.

These designs are used to compliment the Agproshield range of colours and textures, often by creating a focal point or feature area in entrances, lift foyers and stairwells.

Hubdean Colour Consultation

As with all our systems including Fire Protective and Anti Graffiti ranges Hubdean offer an unlimited colour range to the full BS4800 colour range including a colour match service to any trade specified colour reference.