Communal Areas / Pedestrian Zones

Hubdean provide an extensive range of coatings and decoration services designed for walls, ceilings, staircases and doors etc. suitable in areas subject to high usage, vandalism and graffiti.  The coatings have been applied to communal areas, walkways, subways, multi storey car park staircases and areas of high pedestrian usage.  Hubdean’s coatings provide a hardwearing and extremely durable weather resistant finish available in any BS colour.


  • Anti-graffiti coatings for high traffic areas prone to attack.
  • Extend the life of communal/parking/walkways areas with our coatings
  • Incorporated designs or informative text incorporated into our coatings, including any special safety markings
  • Advice on creating a more welcoming, user friendly environment.
  • 12 months free graffiti maintenance where Hubdean decorated areas are checked and attended to if required with reports provided to relevant parties.
  • Keeping on top of graffiti can help keep repeated attacks down and deter the offenders.
  • Where on-site care taking staff is in place, upon contract completion Hubdean will aid staff with full on-site training/advice to deal with the quick and effective removal of smaller areas of attack.
  • Graffiti removal kits can be provided for caretaking staff.
  • Hubdean can provide low cost repair and re-coat services. Any damaged areas easily recoated and retreated, providing no problems after many years.
  • With careful planning and refurbishment, you can reduce the wear and tear of your communal area/car park staircases/walkways and maintain its appearance for a much longer period.
  • We work with clients to ensure the best programme of work to minimise disruption to all car park users

Where we have worked:

  • Guildford, Wycombe, Poole, Camberley, Maidenhead, Oxford
  • If you require guaranteed improvement, protection of your Pedestrian Zones/Communal areas to maintain appearance call Hubdean 01844 338833
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