Case Studies

Internal Communal Areas

internal communal 1internal communal 2After consultation with Hubdean Specialist Coatings and a site visit by our Technical Consultant, it was decided that the best approach was to consider cleaning the surfaces and then applying our “Stone, Masonry and Tile Protector” (SMTP), which is an impregnation system.

This treatment is a water-borne penetrating fluro-polymer system, which repels water, oil and stains. Once treated, surfaces resist staining from oil, food and water-borne matter, while retaining their natural colour, texture and breathability. Whilst it is not a “graffiti” protection system, removal of graffiti is made much simpler by the protection offered by the system.

It was also suggested that the client may wish then to consider the application of our Agproclear system, a clear wax graffiti protection treatment. The wax system sits on the surface and provides a barrier between the surface and graffiti, which is then removed by high-temperature, high-pressure jet washing. This simply melts the wax treatment away, removing all graffiti with it.

In order to establish both the cleaning requirements for the brick surfaces and to show Trafford MBC exactly what the surface would look like after cleaning and the application of the recommended treatments it was agreed that a trial area be carried out.

The client was very pleased with the results of the trial, and decided to carry out the work on the seven staircases in this estate.

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