Case Studies

External Graffiti Protection

external protection 500Following an inspection by Hubdean’s Technical Consultant, it was proposed that the areas being targeted be protected using Hubdean Agproclear External Graffiti treatment. This is a sacrificial clear wax coating that can be applied to external surfaces prone to graffiti attack, whether they are bare brick, masonry or concrete or whether the brick or masonry / concrete surface is painted.

Once applied, the wax coating provides a barrier between the surface and the graffiti, allowing quick and easy removal of graffiti. Because the graffiti does not penetrate the substrate, unsightly “scarring” of the surface is prevented, minimising the “ghosting” effect that can occur with graffiti removal on unprotected surfaces.

The removal of graffiti is undertaken by using a high pressure, high temperature jet which simply “melts” the wax coating, removing it and surface graffiti. The coating system is completely biodegradable and no residue is left on the surrounding floor surfaces after removal. The cleaned area is then simply re-treated with the wax coating to continue to provide 100% protection from graffiti attack.

The cost of cleaning and protecting areas prone to graffiti attack can also include a “maintenance” contract to remove any graffiti to the protected areas, allowing the Maintenance Manager to have complete control over his graffiti removal budget.

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