Case Studies

Internal Graffiti Solutions

case study 2 after piccase study 2 before picAfter consultation with Hubdean Specialist Coatings it was felt that the most appropriate system would be the Hubdean Agproshield Fire Protection & Anti-Graffiti System. This textured system not only conforms to the Class 0 requirements as specified within Building Regulations (including multi-layer surfaces) but also provides 100% protection against graffiti attack, through its graffiti-proof paint finish.

The system provides a hard-wearing and long lasting protective surface, which is an important factor when considering the amount of pedestrian traffic through the communal areas. It also provides a graffiti-proof surface as part of the paint finish, rather than as an additional clear “glaze”.

This is maintained by utilising the free graffiti maintenance contract offered with this system, whereby Hubdean Specialist Coatings will visit site 12 times over a 2 year period to remove graffiti and reinstate the surface back to its original "as new" condition.

This not only means that maintenance budgets can be controlled, but also helps to reduce the re-occurrence of graffiti due to its prompt and thorough removal.

The textured system provides not only a hard-wearing and easy to clean surface, but also provides a variety of textures and tones creating a contrasting, clean and attractive finish. This can lead to redecoration cycles being extended, giving cost savings over the lifetime of the building.

The system is also re-coatable, using the Hubdean Recoat system, ensuring that the Class 0 surface is maintained.

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